That was the phrase that was designed onto the Printivo-branded mug that I received on my first day of work. The phrase is ironic because— and you would figure this out quickly if you’ve ever attempted to do business in Nigeria— it is nearly impossible to get anything done in this country.

For my assignment I was placed at a 2-year-old startup in Nigeria that’s really making headlines! Why? Because, traditionally, if you wanted to print something—flyers, business cards, mugs, wedding invitations, you name it—you would have to know a guy. First, you would ask around for a contact. Then, you would travel a great distance in guaranteed traffic, haggle the price, then sit in a small shop for hours on end. And there’s no guarantee that your print will come out with the quality you expected.

Printivo solves that problem. It’s an online-based printing company that makes printing easier for Nigerians throughout the country. With Printivo, just navigate to the website, upload your design or choose from various free templates, confirm your order, and the item is shipped to your doorstep.

My assignment: develop a digital marketing strategy that would help Printivo acquire more customers. But I found out that when I got here, there were more than a few areas of the business where I could add value. So, I went to work to find solutions beyond just digital marketing.

I only had 3 months here but luckily for me, the Printivo founders are an ambitious bunch.  And, so, in a country where it’s difficult to get things done, we have done just that. In my short time here, I have organized and executed an off-site strategy session with key employees and an all-day, company-wide customer service training.  I tested an SEM strategy that resulted in 3X lifts in traffic to the site, crafted and executed a marketing plan. I also met with many of Printivo’s enterprise customers, face to face, and uncovered valuable insights that I was able to use to optimize the business plan. Together, we came up with a road map for the remainder of the year that will help Printivo to attract new customers and increase customer satisfaction amongst current customers. Printivo is a start up that I believe in and I am privileged to have had the opportunity to work with them and get shit printed.

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